Frequently Asked Questions

Most Important FAQ's

Our CCTV surveillance camera packages are come in a wide range of budgets. Before the first CCTV camera installation, we will review the requirements to understand what is required and suggest things depending on both need and budget.

An Internet Protocol Camera known as IP camera is a surveillance camera, similar to a webcam, that receives the data data across a network or the internet.

Unlike many companies who don’t guarantee their work, we give a one year warranty to our devices and services. We don’t just leave our clients alone after the work has been done

The installation time depends on the project type. For example, the installation of CCTV cameras in the parking demands more time as compared to the installation in the garage or home.

4K security monitoring cameras are security systems that record surveillance videos using high-performance sensor technology. They would be sharper and smoother than anything you’ve seen.

There are many advantages of using 4k cameras as these cameras provide sharp and clear images. Due to high quality of camera sensor, the image quality is exceptional in all scenario. 

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